About Us


Fiona Aitali (née Maclean) was born to a local fishing family in Tobermory in the 1970s. Baking has always been her passion and she baked for several local cafés and local events, and made exquisite celebration cakes from an early age. Fiona perfected her craft at college in Glasgow before returning to Mull in 1994 when she took up a job as the first employee at the newly established Island Bakery.

Returning to Glasgow for a spell in a speciality cake-makers in, Fiona met her husband to be and spent some time travelling the world – another of her greatest passions. Eventually the call of home saw Fiona settling back on Mull and working again for Island Bakery.

Some health issues culminated in a diagnosis of Coeliac disease, which was particularly devastating for such a keen baker. At first it seemed that Fiona’s skills and talents would be wasted if she could no longer taste the cakes and pastries she had perfected. Soon Fiona shook off the negative feelings and became determined to apply her skills to gluten free baking. Fiona was also benefitting from much-improved health and energy once her diet was corrected, so there was no stopping her!

Sweet FA Gluten Free was the name Fiona gave to the brand, based on her own initials 😉

Fiona began to develop her gluten-free cookie recipes for production at Island Bakery in 2020. The whole team were rigorous in ensuring that the cookies were appetising for anyone who didn’t need a special diet. A lot of gluten-free products have a gritty texture and this was something we wanted to eliminate.

There are currently 4 varieties in the range with a flavour to suit everyone’s taste. In the short time since they have been launched they’ve scooped two Great Taste Awards and three Free From Food Awards, as well as being finalists in the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards and the Great British Food Awards.

The Biscuits

The Island Bakery

Joe & Dawn Reade started baking bread in Joe’s brother’s garage, in Tobermory on the beautiful Isle of Mull, in 1994. 

In 1996 the business got shop premises in Tobermory’s Main Street, and it became a busy bakery and delicatessen with a wide range of baked goods and speciality foods.

A small range of biscuits were launched in 2001 and by 2007, the biscuits were in such demand that the shop was sold and plans were made to build a new sustainable biscuit bakery, which was opened in 2012. The new bakery is powered entirely by sustainable and local renewable energy including wood fired oven, and electricity generated by wind and water.

Island Bakery strives to be environmentally sensitive, and organic production is at the heart of that. These sustainability credentials are shared by Sweet FA Gluten Free cookies.