Frequently Asked Questions

No. Sugar is the second biggest ingredient by weight in our ingredient lists. In conventional biscuits the wheat flour would be the biggest component. However, Sweet FA Gluten Free cookies use several different ingredients instead of just wheat flour, including tapioca flour, gluten-free oats. Ingredients must be stated in descending order of how much of each item is in the recipe from the biggest weight, to the smallest. The combined weight of the flour substitute ingredients is about the same as flour would be in a standard recipe, but because there are two ingredients instead of one, they each appear further down the ingredient list. So the sugar content is about the same as in other biscuit recipes.

We call them cookies on pack, but we are equally happy to call them biscuits. There is much debate about the definition of a cookie and a biscuit. It depends on where you are from and there isn’t really an undisputed definition. Sweet FA Gluten-Free cookies are NOT soft and chewy cookies like the ones which are best enjoyed within a few hours of baking. They are more crunchy, although some of them do have a bit of chewiness too. Confused? Our advice is not to get too hung up on the semantics. Just enjoy eating them! 

Free from food are special ranges of foods made without allergens. If a label states that your product is ‘free-from milk’ or ‘peanut free’, it has to be based on specific and rigorous controls. These controls need to ensure that the final product is completely free of the particular allergen. This includes checking that all ingredients and packing materials do not contain this allergen and that cross-contamination from other foods made on site is prevented.

There is one exception to this rule which is gluten. Gluten-free labelled products can contain a maximum 20mg/kg of gluten..” FSA Allergen labelling for food manufacturers

All ingredients used to make Sweet FA Gluten Free Biscuits are Gluten Free in accordance with legislation which is verified by the Coeliac Society.

Sweet FA Gluten Free Biscuits are made on the same production line that handles Gluten. All measures have been put place to remove possible places of contamination and product is tested to validate the claim that they contain less than 20mg/kg of Gluten.

All ingredients used to make Sweet FA Gluten Free Biscuits have been checked and the absence of animal products and derivatives has been verified by the Vegan Society. 

Sweet FA Gluten Free Biscuits are made on the same production line that handles milk and although all measures to remove places of cross contamination have been put in place, there is still a risk of harm to milk allergen suffering consumers due to the use of shared production equipment.

Oats are naturally gluten free, but to be classified as gluten free they must be processed separately to avoid contamination from other cereals that contain gluten. Oats do contain a protein called avenin, although it is present in much lower levels than gluten is in wheat, barley or rye. Research has shown that a small number of coeliacs (8%) can have a reaction to avenin. Immune responses to oats do occur in some people with coeliac disease but they are relatively uncommon even when 100g of oats is consumed, and severe reactions are very rare. Source: Jason Tye-Din MD, FRACP, PhD Coeliac Research Laboratory at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute